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Intelligent, sophisticated but incredibly intuitive, the new Dyalogo controller facilitates the programming and management of Edenya systems.

Control temperature, humidity, room ventilation and much more with a simple touch-screen interface based on LINUX architecture.

Technology that puts you in charge …
even when you’re not there


Multiunit and Multi-zone

Dyalogo controls up to 32 units, and also in different areas.


Energy-saving QuietNight mode

Automatically reduces fan speed during the night, in economy and quiet operation.


Heating Function

Dyalogo is also active in winter, programmable thermostat for multi-zone heating systems.


Programmable Mode

Can be set according to a weekly calendar, 4 different modes per day.


Auto-Clean Function

Fully automated PAD cleaning, set and forget, the PAD will remain clean, fresh and efficient.


Access Lock

Select a pin code to restrict the access to your Dyalogo controller.


Designed and built entirely in Italy for Industry 4.0 – Dyalogo is immune to interference and has been EMI / EMC tested for certification of electromagnetic compatibility in heavy industrial applications.

On-board sensors constantly monitor the thermal conditions of the unit and adapt the cooling capacity according to the needs, proportionally extractor pilot, operates the heating system and additional sensors monitor the conditions of the external environment, the air introduced and further areas for a multi-zone differentiated, complete and centralized control.

Born to communicate in a simple and intuitive way, it is an open system connected to the company intranet and to the management and production systems of the factory.



Connected to the network it becomes telecontrollable; the appropriate Cloud REACH is reachable from the App and allows access and real time interaction with the Controller. It is configured to send the status and system anomalies through push notifications.

App available on: