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Using a completely natural process, EDENYA coolers produce a flow of air for the cooling of large spaces in a simple and economical way.

The warm outdoor air passes through honeycomb panels that are constantly filled with water and that by simple contact and by the natural effect of evaporation, yields a large part of the heat contained before being released into the environment.

Thus, washed and cooled, the air ensures a continuous renewal and refreshment for healthier and more comfortable environments.


The heart of the Edenya coolers is the Sanifloc® panel made of PVC with antimicrobial  flocked rayon with double crossed duct.

Compared to the traditional PAD, made of cellulose fiber, the Sanifloc® panel is not hygroscopic but completely waterproof, its sanitizing capacity is constantly activated by the AG + charge present on the complete surface.

Spraying with simple water, a double thermal exchange duct , patented , [IT 0001357443] can ensure high cooling capacity with reduced amounts of evaporated water compared to similar systems with cellulose PAD.

The result is an extremely low humidity content, the lowest in the category with the same refreshing capacity.